Home Improvement 101: Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Like kitchens, bathrooms are one of the most important areas of a house when it comes to remodels and home improvements. But the simple fact is most home owners don’t have a fortune to spend on gutting the bathrooms in their home and giving them a total overhaul. Instead, here are some simple tips and tricks for adding serious style and character without breaking the bank.

Install a Shower Door

There’s nothing quite like a hot, steamy shower at the end of a long day. But just because you’re in need of a shower doesn’t mean your entire bathroom wants one. Unfortunately, those sheer shower curtains have a way of getting your floors and walls wet and soggy as you get clean. Avoid the perils of a damp, mildew-ridden bathroom by installing a decorative shower door or enclosure instead.

Upgrade Your Fan

While not an upgrade that many people think of right off the bat, swapping your ventilation fan is a simple and affordable change that you can make yourself in an afternoon. Not only will it make your entire bathroom a more comfortable and better ventilated place while you attempt to dry off after a shower, but many of today’s models are whisper quiet. Make sure to find a fan that has the right amount of air flow in respect to the size of the bathroom. you’re in need of a shower doesn’t mean your entire bathroom wants one

Coordinate Your Fixtures and Accents

One of the simplest ways to give your entire restroom the look of a sleek and sophisticated spa escape is by ensuring all your fixtures and accents are coordinated. Give your bathroom sinks the designer touch with posh faucets, wall plates, mirrors, medicine cabinets, and hardware in matching styles and tones–like these found at a local retailer in Dallas, Texas.

An Out of the Box Vanity Goes a Long Way

Take it back to the days of retro charm and style with a throwback look that’s just as hot today as it was in the days of wash-basin luxury with a vintage inspired vanity redo. You can find vanities with modern plumbing ready to go out of the box or, for the DIY crowd, you can even retrofit a piece of furniture to suit your needs.

Tile Your Countertops

Stone slabs are beautiful, but can be costly–and aren’t exactly an easy attempt for weekend warriors. Tile is a lot easier for the novice DIY crowd, and doesn’t put nearly as much of a dent in your budget, either. Add even more visual interest by bypassing basic white in favor of a pop of color–like terra cotta, rich brown, or deep red wine instead.