What Is The Best Quality Leather For Sofa Sectional Furniture?

What is leather?

Leather is a durable and flexible material which is created by tanning animal raw hide and skin, often cattle hide. It can be produced for manufacturing scales from the cottage industry to heavy industries.

People use leather to make various goods- including clothing, book binding, leather wallpaper and furniture covering. A number of upholstery items are created using leather. It is one of the most popular encasings for furniture.

It is produced in a variety of styles and types, and decorated in a wider range of techniques.

Types of leather


  • Full grain leather: Leather refers to hides that have not been sanded, buffed or snuffed to remove imperfections or natural marks on the surface of the hide. The grain remains, thus allowing the fiber to regain the strength and durability, it always had. The grain also has breathability, thus resulting in less moisture content when in prolonged contact. Rather than wearing out, it develops over time, thus having better quality and durability. It is often used to make high quality leather furniture and footwear.
  • Top grain leather: This is the most common in high-end leather products. This has the second highest quality. It has a split’ layer which is separated away. Therefore, it is thinner and makes it much more flexible than full grain leather.
  • Corrected grain leather: This is any type of leather that has an artificial grain applied to its surface. The imperfections are corrected or sanded off, and artificial grain is embossed onto its surface. It is generally used to make pigmented leather, as the solid pigment helps hide imperfections or other marks.
  • Split leather: The split leather is created from the fibrous part of the hide which is left once the top grain of the raw hide has been separated from the hide. Split leather is also used to create suede leather. The strongest suedes are usually made from grain splits (that have the grain completely removed).

Sofa sectional furniture:

Often referred as sectional furniture, sofas are a part of the whole block of furniture which includes a couch or two and maybe a lounge bed. The furniture is placed in such a way that 4 or more people can comfortably accommodate themselves.

Sectional furniture is found in homes as well as residential complexes, hotel lobbies, waiting rooms and bars. The term ‘sofa’ is synonymous with seating accommodations in almost all the countries, despite the difference in culture and language.

A sectional sofa is formed from multiple sections, typically, two, three and four. It usually includes at least two pieces that are joined at an angle of 90 degrees or slightly greater, and is used to wrap around walls or other furniture.

Recliners can also be a part of the modern variants of sectional furniture.

Types of leather used to make sofa sectional furniture

  • Full grain leather is the best. It is not sanded to remove any imperfections. And it isn’t dyed to rectify the color either. Thorough care must be taken while handing full grain leather since if not managed well, it can age in the worst form, with cracks and color discolorations.
  • Other common leather types include Vinyl upholstery. Vinyl upholstery isn’t actually leather. It is a similar type of fabric which resembles leather extraordinarily well.
  • If you want pure leather for the price and status, other options include, Bonded Leather Upholstery, Leather Match Upholstery and Genuine Leather (which is the most expensive and luxurious)

In order to choose your perfect sofa sectional furniture with the right kind of leather, make sure that you check your options and varieties thoroughly, along with their online descriptions in case you don’t prefer a retail store. Though first hand feel and understanding can only come if you check the products carefully.